Do You Have a Plan Before You Rebuild

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Do You Have a Plan Before You Rebuild




Thank you for joining us. As we bring to you the wives forum, inc This is a ministry that’s tailor made for wives and it’s an acronym W I E. S wives influential in virtuously embracing submission, you will learn that submission is not a bad word, submission is a good word. We will give you testimonies. You will have teaching, you will have, we will have music and we will inspire you to hold on to the fact that submission is a good thing. Hello. Hello, Beautiful people. It’s so good to see you again and to know that you’ve tuned in and that you’re gonna be listening to Let God lead. Thank you. Thank you so much. My name is Beverly Morris and caesar and I am the host of Let God Lead. And so thank you for joining forces with us and for hearing the word of God and the teachings that’s found in God’s Word. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you also for those of you who subscribed to my Youtube channel. Let God lead Whoop whoop. Thank you. It’s not too late. You can go ahead and subscribe. It’s the same as this platform, in that it’s called Let God Lead. But it’s a Youtube channel that I am proud of and glad of as um, as a matter of fact that Youtube channel was birthed from this very platform, Let God lead so many people wanted more information. And so if you’d like to subscribe and appreciate it immensely God richly bless you. And so today today we are in the book of Esther and we are continuing that subject matter of rebuilding rebuilding. As we’ve come through, Covid, we’ve come through the pandemic. We’ve come through so many challenges that we’ve had in our lives these last two years. And so as we rebuild our marriages, our families, our finances, as we rebuild our health, even you need to be sure that you have a plan before you rebuild, don’t start rebuilding without A P L A N. And so we’re looking at the book of Esther that’s gonna framework what we’re talking about the plan. So father, thank you for today that you’ve given us another day where we can come and hear your word, we trust that those who listen will be inspired. They’ll be encouraged and so many different wonderful things will happen in their lives because they surrendered to you and took the time to hop on and to listen to this teaching and to watch it So bless them, bless them, bless them. I pray in the mighty name of jesus as they plan before they rebuild. In jesus name. We pray with thanksgiving and again here goes another acronym, another acronym, P. L. A. N. Purpose, late purpose laid according to the navigator purpose, your purpose laid out according to the navigator and who’s the navigator, jesus, the christ the son of the living God. So your purpose laid out, you’re laying your purpose out, this is your plan, you’re laying it out with him. You’re talking with him, you’re putting the steps together. 123456789 10. Whatever the steps are your drawing the schematic with him. When you think of an architect and architect or a builder, it doesn’t just start pouring the concrete, He doesn’t start getting the the one of the steel bars and everything and just going and sticking them in the ground. They have a schematic, they have a plan and they look at their schematic, they look at what they have factored into what’s needed. What do they need for this building? They have to consider the type of building. Are they building a school? Are they building a hospital? Are they building a house? Are they building a nursing home? Are they building a one family house, A two family house. Are they building a skyscraper with 200 Rooms? What are they building? Are they building a sanctuary? Are they building a library? What are they building? So what are you building? What are you trying to rebuild in your life, your marriage, your finances? You’re trying to rebuild your health. So what do you have a plan? Have you gone to God and ask him for the schematic, according to his navigation and the navigation? Is what he is putting together the schematic from point A to point B. To point C. All the way down to point Z. From numbers 1-2000. Whatever the numbers are. To put it together, don’t do that on your own. Come up with a plan that’s laid out according to his directions and according to his dictates. So P L A N. And so we’re looking at Esther the book of Esther the book of Esther is an amazing book. If you’ve never read it, you should turn off the netflix, turn off the lulu, turn off whatever you’re watching and read Esther chapters one through 10. An amazing, amazing book. And the thing that’s amazing about this book is the word God, the word sovereign. The word Lord, the word jesus was never mentioned, not one time in that entire bubble butt, but his plan was all interwoven in it, His his authority, his omnipotence and omniscience is all interwoven in that book. And so Esther’s uh Esther had a plan as you will see as it unfolds to rebuild her people because her people in captivity and they were in sushi. Um and in this captivity, they were not happy of course, who likes to be in captivity? Nobody’s happy being in captivity. And so they were um in a difficult, difficult place. And Esther is there with her cousin Mordecai. So we’re gonna look at This book in three ways before the plan. During the plan. After the plan. Before the plan. During the plan. After the plan. And so as I’m speaking with you today, let us, hopefully you can look at your life, what your life is like before the plan, what your life is going to be like during the plan and what your life is going to be like after the plan. So before the plan, let’s look very quickly Before the plan, the Children of Israel were in captivity. As we read in Chapter one King Xerxes, they were um insouciance and they were subservient because they were now captors. So before the plan, they were in captivity, Number two or I should say the next point you should notice is that they were hated by their captors. Those who captured them, they were um, they had to succumb succumb to whatever the mandates were for their lives as the Children of Israel. Okay, so they were not in a happy place. They were not in a place that um they felt contentment and fulfillment because they couldn’t worship Jehovah as they wanted to. Uh they had to listen to the dictates of the king of that nation and of that region and so they were betwixt and between some of them of course fell prey to the pressure of giving into idol worshiping. You understand because of the placement that they were in in captivity. The other thing we noticed before the plan is that the king had a huge party at all. The provinces come together because he gave a great celebration and during that celebration, he was drunk and all the other kings were drunk and he calls for his wife Vashti, he says come on out of here, Vashti and dance before the people with nothing on. And she refused bad mistake for that woman. I don’t know what would you have done? This is the king, He’s he’s your boss, you’re subservient to him. And he has all these men sitting around, all these men sitting around watching, waiting for Vashti to come up because she was beautiful. She refused. And so she was banned. She was banned because the other leaders around him said if you don’t ban her, then when I go back home my wife can do the same thing and refused to do what I tell her to do. So the banter. Alright, So that’s what happened before the plan. The other thing that happened before the plan is the Children of Israel were to be annihilated, wiped off the face of the earth because of Haman who hated Mordecai because Mordecai as you know, was a jew. And he sat outside the king’s gate and he guarded the king’s gate and he watched the king’s gate and he was a jew. And Haman hated him because you see, let me say something when you walk with God and you have the spirit of God on you, you have an air about you that people say wow, she’s different. I like her. Oh he’s different. That man is full of integrity, even though you may not be of the same religion or the same faith or the same nationality or you’re from a different culture. But there’s something about you because of the spirit of the living god. That’s in you. You carry yourself a certain way and that’s what happened to Mordecai. The people loved him. Uh the people, even, even the people who were not jews, people from sushi um liked him liked Mordecai and Haman hated him so much. He hated him, that he built gallows because he wanted this man dead. Alright. The next thing that happened before the plan is that um they were planning planning to be annihilated. Now the Children of Israel were despondent and felt the pain of their oppressors. That’s what was happening now. The Children of Israel needed, they were praying for a way of escape. They were waiting for some relief And the final thing that happened or that we need to look at before the plan is that the king who now needs a new wife sent out a call called All the beautiful maidens have them come all the beautiful maidens from my kingdom, let them come and let them be pampered and let them be prepared and let them smell good and let them come before me and I will choose a queen and Mordecai said Esther you go, no, she’s a jew. They don’t know. She’s a jew. That’s one of the things they talked about. Uh Mordecai said, don’t let anybody know who you are that you are a jew. You just go in present yourself to the king and see what happens sure enough Esther goes before the king. The king fell in love with this beautiful young jewish girl, I tell you married her and so on, and so forth. One of the things I want you to understand from that narrative is that God works in ways that we don’t understand his ways are past finding out. We just need to trust him and trust the confidence of your Godly leadership. If you have godly leadership in your church, trust the God leadership. And so as I trusted the Godly leadership of her cousin. And so she went before the king and the king fell in love with her. So that’s just a brief synopsis of what happened before the plan. Now, during the plan, ha ha! Let’s look at what’s happening during the plan, Esther her cousin Mordecai, in chapter two verse seven, who sat in the king’s gate, came up with a plan that Esther should go before the king tell the king what was happening because at that time Mordecai was ready to destroy the Children of Israel. He wanted to annihilate them. So he wanted her to go to the king and tell the king what was happening. Now, that was uh in chapter three, she felt fearful. She goes, the king has not called me in three months. He hasn’t called me, I cannot go to see him. So she sent word back to Mordecai and said, I can’t do this. Then he said not another word to her and say listen, miss in chapter four verse 14, you listen to me right now. You may have come into the kingdom for such a time as this. This is why you’re here. This is why God put you here. No, we didn’t see God’s name mentioned. But this is what God had up his, up his sleeves all along to make you queen. So that you could go to this king so that our people could be freed. And so a few problems, a few problems arose from that very decision to go before the king. As I told you, one of the problems was protocol. Protocol Esther had not been before the king in 30 days, I should say, not three months and 30 days. The king hadn’t called her. The king has to call on her. He didn’t call on her. And so if he called on her, he would summon her, he would extend his scepter. And if if if she was acceptable, he would have to touch the top of the scepter. And then she could come in to see him. Another problem was that nobody knew that she was a jew. Nobody knew that she was a jew. What she’s going to go, tell the king that she’s a jew. So all of this is going on in her mind as as as she’s trying to unplanned and unwrap what Mordecai told her to do so she was absolutely fearful because they had to keep the secret as we saw in chapter two verse 20. Read it in chapter two verse 20 read the whole book, the whole book. It’s beautiful. It’s beautiful. But you see God, the amazing navigator who was not mentioned in the book, I told you before he gave her a planner. What was the plan? Call the people together and have them pray and fast for me. That’s what Esther is saying. You go back to Mordecai, the servant came go back to Mordecai and tell Mordecai. Okay, okay, If I perish, I perish, I will go to the king and that was verse 16 of Chapter four. If I perish, I perish, but I’m going to go before the king. But here is a plan. I want the entire nation of Israel the jews to pray for me and too fast and I will pray and I will fast with my ladies as well because even if I’m killed, I will do this. And so thank God that she was led by this eternal supernatural omnipotent omni she it navigator who gave her what to do so that she stepped out on faith and so she sent word to the people um to pray another plan. The negotiator and the navigator. So he’s a negotiator and as a navigator. Oh my God, it’s navigator. The living God gave her another plan. Ha have two dinners with the king and all his people know with the king and Haman have a nice big spread and invite the king two dinners. Haman is like woop woop the king loves me, the queen loves me. I’m the only person who was invited to this dinner with Esther and the king. And so they have this big dinner, had the big dinner And then the King says what do you want? She says I will tell you tomorrow. So they have a second dinner in Chapter five. They have a second dinner. This is all what’s happening to the Children of Israel are praying they’re fasting, they’re praying they’re fasting and God is unfolding her plan, he’s unfolding it. Alright so this is what’s happening during the plan. And so she, the second dinner comes up she has this big dinner and Haman is in I mean his chest is sticking out and he’s sticking out and go thank God this is not Mordecai, this is not Mordecai want Mordecai dead. So he built a gallows to hang Mordecai on. He and his wife and his friend said yeah that’s how we’re gonna get rid of him, we’re gonna hang him, we’re gonna go to the king and tell the king what he’s done and so on and so forth. So at this last dinner. It is I mean I love this book so much. Um um the king could not sleep on a particular night, he couldn’t sleep, He couldn’t sleep. So he was looking through the Chronicles, why couldn’t he sleep? Because the navigator had him restless. That was not an accident. That was not a mistake. God didn’t keep you up all night because he doesn’t love, you didn’t care about you. He wanted you to pray for somebody, he wanted you to intercede for somebody. That’s why you could not sleep. That’s why you could not rest. That’s why it was on your chest, on your breast, on your brain, on your heart. Because God wanted you to pray for that individual. And God knew what was planned for Mordecai. And he wanted to intercept that plan. And so the king is flipping through the pages and he saw where somebody protected him from being killed, protected him from being killed, killed. And so he realized that it was Mordecai who saved his life. So the king is excited and he hears Haman walking in the hall and he says, Haman come in here. What should I do to the man, I want to honor Mordecai in his pompous, self important self, said to himself, Oh, the king wants to honor me. So here’s what I’m gonna tell him to do. So he told him King the apparel that you’re not wearing any more, those worn out clothes that you’re not wearing any more. Put that on him, Give him one of your beautiful horses on a on a on a chariot and let somebody stand on the right, somebody stand on the left and marching through the streets marching parading through the streets or hear Mordecai sees all of this happening to him and then the king came up with a blow that knocked him over and said, okay, ah, that’s a good plan. So here’s what I want you to do, go and do that to Mordecai. He’s a man I’m deciding to honor. He went home boiling, boiling. He was crying, he was upset. They went and they got Mordecai dressed him in the beautiful, beautiful apparel that the king used to wear, gave him a chariot, gave him a horse, had him walk through the streets parading. This is what happens to the man whom the king delights to honor. This is what happens to the man whom the king delights to honor. And and Haman is marching him around the whole town and he is seething with hate, seething with anger. Now he’s saying, I have to let the king know that Mordecai is a jew and he’s going to annihilate him and all the people. And so dinner number two, Dinner number two Esther is saying to them, thank you for coming to this dinner, I have, I have something I would like to share. So the king walks out to his garden and then um Haman wanted to come to Esther not knowing that she was a jew and to tell her of his plans to annihilate the jew. And in doing so in walking towards her, he tripped and he fell on top of her. The king walks in sees him on top of his wife and says what, you’re gonna defile me like this, get out of here! And somebody said king, he made, he made a gallows for Haman hanged him on those very gallows. He and his family were hung. And then the Queen said, and now sir, I’m bowing before you to let you know that I am a jew and you know that all the jews are going to be annihilated. And so if you annihilate them, you’re gonna annihilate me, make your choice. He stood her up and he said, that’s not going to happen, my dear, the houses that belong to him and the houses that belonged to and I’m jumping ahead because that is supposed to be after the plan. I’m so sorry, I didn’t, I’m sorry after the plan. After the plan. Okay, we did before, during and now after the plan, we see God coming through in unbelievable ways to set his people free from the clutches of the enemy. Haman who wanted to destroy Mordecai was hung. Yes, he was hung on the very gallows that he set for Mordecai Esther stepped out in faith approached the king, he extended his scepter to her, he heard her cry and he calls the people to be delivered. Haman was elevated to be the king’s right hand freedom was granted to the jews who were feared and reverence those people, a lot of people came to the understanding and embracing the jewish faith because of this incident. And today today the jews still celebrate the feast of Purim because the fact that they received their their freedom, those people who wanted to kill them, they now receive their freedom. And so that as I said, a yearly feast was celebrated. So in conclusion, in conclusion, I encourage you to look or to ask God for the plan. Ask him for the plan for your life so that he can orchestrate the rebuilding of whatever is specific in your life. She was able to have her her nation rebuild their spirits soared. They got favor after favor after favor. The king loved them. The king loved Esther that’s what happened after the plan. So you let God give you the plan as you start to rebuild. So don’t rebuild unless you have a plan. And guess what? Ladies and gentlemen sure, your creative, sure, your innovative, sure, your ingenious. I know that you are but look at who created the heavens and the earth, who stood out on nothing and said, let there be and there was he is in your corner. Let him show you what to do. So if you have a plan, give it to him and say God, is this what you want? Is this what you want? We pray in jesus name. Alright, thank you, Lord. Thank you for this time together. So don’t build until the foundation is secure. Don’t plan until you have reached a definite decision with the true and living God. So let go. You let go of the reins. Let go and let God plan and let God give you the purpose that you need. You’re gonna you’re gonna be claiming the purpose that’s laid out according to his navigation. Okay? He’s gonna give you the purpose that is laid out according to his navigation. Father, thank you for this time together. Thank you for your people who listened. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity that we had to share the word today. The P. L. A. And help us, Help us, help us as a people to take the plan that you’ve given to us and and to not try to fix it the way we think. But to leave it to you, you’ve given us a plan. Let us work that plan through. Not with our own schemes and our own schematics and our own thoughts and our own ideas. But to lean on you God, because you give us that plan. And father, if you gave when you gave us a plan or if you’ve witnessed our spirit and we wrote it down, we give it to your mistake. God, before we make one step, read this. Look at this. God, smile on it. Give us assurance that we need to go forward forward with this plan that you have given to us so that as we rebuild our marriages, our relationships, our families, our health, our jobs, our mental state, our faith as we rebuild who we are in. You were thanking you for going forward, going ahead of us and paving the way as we walk behind you, we thank you for what you’re going to do in and through the schedule of the Lord jesus christ. We pray with thanksgiving. And so as we close, we don’t want you to just take these messages that we’ve given to you and not flesh them out. So flesh it out. Hear what God is saying to you and then fulfill the assignments he has on your life for yourself, your family, your Children and your loved ones. God bless you. We’d love to hear from you. Call us at 7187083348. Look at the bottom of the screen, see how you can email and text us and we will be glad to hear from you. And then last but not least don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel. Let God lead. Thank you so much for your support. I appreciate it immensely blessings. I won’t know the plan were there for me. One billion people still don’t have a complete bible in their language, Illuminations is on a mission to change that. Now make an eternal impact for only $35. You can have a Bible verse translated in a language awaiting God’s word. So I’m working with a group that’s called the 12 verse challenge 12 verse challenge. We are memorizing 12 verses and those 12 verses will be translated into the language of choice and it’s going to be done for a year. We will be raising monies $35 per verse, $35 for perverse 12 months each month. You can put out $35 per month. And at the end of 12 months we would have raised from your donations $425. Or you can give the $425 up front. Or you can give above and beyond that to help us Bring the Bible to the Bible. Less people, people who have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ in their own language. This is a powerful opportunity. So what I want you to do, you can call me at (718) 708 3348. Or you can go to the website that I am in charge of it www 0.12 V c dot com backslash. Hope H O p E. And you can see what we’re doing to raise funds To eliminate bible poverty. Thank you God bless you and have a great day in the Lord Thank you for being with us at let God lead. Call us 7187083348. Or email us at contact at Let God lead dot org. The Lord bless you. Let God lead.

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