Cries from China

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China’s one-child policy has controlled and decimated families in that country since the late 1970s. Americans have a responsibility to speak out against its cruelty. Sadly, pro-choice groups who claim to champion women’s rights ignore the cries of China’s women.

Chinese woman rarely share their stories about the one-child policy. Facing Life Head-On is grateful for the opportunity to sit down with Chinese native Zhang Min, who was forced to undergo three abortions, all without anesthesia. She always will be haunted by the loss of her three children.

In 1979, Steven Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute, became the first American social scientist to visit mainland China. He witnessed first-hand the atrocities of the policy. Despite the violence and tragedy the policy has fostered, China still believes it has been a success. Steven discusses the Chinese government’s failure to understand the disaster the policy will prove to the nation’s economy.

As president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers and a former asylum lawyer, Reggie Littlejohn has heard first-hand accounts of the policy’s brutality: forced abortion, gendercide and sex slavery.

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