Conceived in Rape

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Liz Carl was a senior in high school attending a college Halloween party when she was brutally raped. When Liz discovered she was pregnant a month later, she considered abortion. But she had been raised in a pro-life family and eventually decided she couldn’t go through with it. Instead, Liz chose to carry her baby to term and make an adoption plan.

At the time of filming it had been five years since Liz gave birth. She has a very open relationship with her birth son and his adoptive parents. Seeing the impact her son has had on so many lives has reinforced the decision she made to continue with the pregnancy. She believes there is a plan for every child conceived, regardless of the circumstances.

As front man for the Jason Lovins Band, Jason Lovins travels the country playing music and sharing his powerful testimony. Jason’s mother, Lisa, was raped when she was only 15 years old. Relying on their faith, Lisa and her parents decided to keep the baby. Immensely grateful, Jason cherishes his family and stresses that he felt nothing but love growing up. He never felt different, and today he has seen the impact his story has on others. He’s a living testimony to the triumph of love over rape.

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