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Chef Lance Nitahara, winner of Chopped and Iron Chef America faces his biggest challenge: teaching Ray Comfort how to cook!



this is award winning new york. Chef Lance need O’hara and Lance is going to prepare a special meal. I never got a big piece of shell in here, Ray flipped it upward and then cradle it on the way back down, it didn’t move clear your mind. So all we’re doing is caramelizing the don’t put your fingers there Ray, you should seriously be banned from the kitchen. What did God do for guilty sinners? So we wouldn’t have to go to hell. He died for our sins, but he didn’t die for yours, did he? He died for all of our sins. What He died for your sins? When you say you’re a good person and I’m not perfect, but I’m a good person. Well that’s what will take most people to hell. No, Welcome to an unusual episode of where the master, I’m Ray comfort and this is award winning new york. Chef Lance Nita Hara also got easy with us and Mark Spence and Oscar is not here today. So Lance very briefly tell us, how did you become a christian? Well, about 15 years ago I gave my life to Christ or at least I thought I did. I, I lived as someone who was looking for blessings from God only didn’t read my bible, didn’t, didn’t really, you know, see the, the need to go through that kind of effort. And then one day I read one of living waters publications. Um God has a wonderful plan for your life and it just blew my mind and blew me away because again the essence of the law in salvation. that made sense to me. So when you realize that God sees last is adultery hatred as murder requires truth in the end of past, you realized you were condemned. That had never been brought to my attention. So once you understand that you’re under God’s wrath, heading for hell, that’s why you need to say that’s true repentance. And when you find genuine repentance, you’re becoming your creature in christ and that was it. That’s wonderful. I got on my knees and I said, God, if I’m not safe, save me now and what happened? And I was transformed and I wanted to read my bible. Born again. That’s right, Lance, thanks for being mother. And thank you. I wrote a book recently called the Ultimate Health Foods, Nine foods that jesus ate or recommended. And Lance is going to prepare a special meal using those nine incredible edible foods. These are the nine foods that jesus ate or recommended. There’s honey and butter, Isaiah seven in the famous portion of scripture, a virgin shall conceive. The following verse says butter and honey shall he eat. But it was vilified for many years, wasn’t it? And yet it’s made a comeback. Honey doesn’t have viruses and viruses can’t live in honey. You know that’s yeah, it’s a preservative and it doesn’t age, it never goes bad. They found honey in pyramids that can be eaten, it’ll kill you. But still eggs, jesus commanded eggs luke 11, he said, if a father should ask for a father, will he give a scorpion when a son asked for an egg and he said, if you being evil know how to give good gifts to your Children. So jesus said, eggs, a good gifts to give to Children. Eggs were vilified for many years to make a comeback. And yeah, that’s right. And they were wrong, Jesus ate fish. He multiplied fish. He ate fish after the resurrection, he ate bread, multiplied the bread to feed the 5000 plus salt, jesus in the sermon on the mount said, salt is good. Salt was vilified for years. Harden the arteries. I became scared of dying soft arteries, but salts made a comeback is actually now good for you. And what’s the slants? That’s veal veal. The prodigal son, jesus said, father said, kill the fatted calf. So how do you celebrate? What’s the ultimate barbecue, veal, fatted calf? And also uh lamb, jesus ate lamb at the passover. And finally figs. Remember he got upset when the fig tree wasn’t yielding figs. We know it was more than just being upset that he couldn’t eat figs, but jesus hungered after figs. Ray jesus cast the demons out legion into the swine, shouldn’t we have some pork going on? Just a little bit pork. Bacon. Yeah, yeah. Where’s the bacon? Right. There’s nothing like the smell of bacon and the sound of it is just incredible. I eat bacon a lot. You are what you eat easy. Yes, yes. So let’s get ready to cook some of this stuff. So what are we gonna cook? So we’re gonna cook first is the fish. So this is gonna be uh matzo bread or bread crusted tilapia tilapia here. Yeah, So I’ve got some this matzo bread right here. This is a matzo unleavened matzo cracker of ground that we’ve grounded into some breadcrumb. We’re going to crust the fish with a little bit of egg and the matzo cracker and then we’re gonna cook it in a little bit of oil. And I take the egg and want to crack it on the I call it the equator. So that goes around the outside of the egg, right? So I just tap it once and I pull it apart with my fingers. All right, so to this I’m gonna add a pinch of salt, steal the salt, okay, a little salt and then I’m also gonna add a little bit of water. Just a little touch of water. And what that does is it thins out, that’s it thins up the egg. So that’s easy to brush and we’re gonna brush it on the fish. So from here I’m going to season the fish also salt. I’m gonna do all for it one time. It’s a little easier that way. And you just kind of guessed to me, I mean on seasoning. Yeah, just sort of um I can see it and I can see it coating the fish itself, it’s called sea salt. That’s why c yeah, both sides are not necessary. Just one. So I’m gonna do both sides. Salt on one side, pepper on that side, and then flip them over, because I do season both sides of the fish because you eat both sides of the fish. So when I see them, I see them from up high, so that the salt catches the air on the way down and it distributes even I’m gonna brush some egg on here On boats, one side of the fish, oops, you know, God never says, oops, right, but I am an imperfect human. Now, I want to know why you guys aren’t wearing the big chef hats. I wanted you to look like linguini from. Right, we gotta fix that. Alright, so I got a plate here and we’re gonna cross the fish and that’s the matzo. Let me tell you about the first time I ever cooked in oil. I’ve never done it before. Someone says cooking oil, it’s good for you. So I poured in half an inch of oil in a pan with an open flame under it. And then I dropped some fish in it from about 8\” and I heard it was like a pillar of fire above me, ray, you should seriously be banned from the kitchen. Have you ever burned anything? Oh, I did catch fire once, I was making a cup of tea for your wife, Rachel was around their house for some reason, early in the morning and I leaned over a hot plate and a white bathrobe and I heard, and I thought my sleeves on fire. Then I heard from behind me, but I learned two things from that experience. One don’t lean over an open flame in a white bathroom and to a man on fire moves rather quickly. All that happened in about two seconds like that. And obviously the sermon is if you’re on fire for God, you’ll have a sense of urgency. It’s almost there. But why don’t you take the thermometer out of your pocket pocket? There you go. Look at that, there’s a sheet on it. So I’m gonna take this and you’re going to poke it into the fish right about there, go into the center of the fish. You really want me to do this after. Alright, so we take the center of the thermometer, we go in about a few centimeters now, we’re ready. I made earlier, a little barley and lentil salad right with some parsley in there. So this is this is, this is, this is would be to eat with the fish. This is at room temperature. Right? So just a little bit on the plate. How important. Lance is presentation, presentation is not as important as flavor and has done this in nutrition, but it is very important though. Yeah, I hear what you’re saying. So there we are. So this is it crusted tilapia. Hey guys, I’m your servant. Fight over there, look at that a chef and a waiter wow I’ll be the judge of that. That’s some good stuff man. You’re from Idaho potatoes. What’s the number one food people choke to death on in us restaurants. Probably me. No it’s not, no it’s not. It’s something more subtle that you don’t think I could kill, you know, you better find out in case this food chokes you to death. Have another guest. I was gonna say ice is not a food but maybe a food if you chew it but it’s actually water. No it’s not ice. Although I wouldn’t like to choke on a piece of ice. You know what it is. Hard boiled egg yolk. Yeah cause it’s powdery when the eggs hard boiled. If you get that lodged in your throat, water won’t just lodge, it will just like water off a duck’s back. So be careful when you eat those eggs they can kill you wow, I just had Benedict eggs for breakfast. Um Do you think it’s important to be thankful? Of course, definitely if you do something for someone you like you like them to thank you. No if you do something, I think it’s just come from your heart. If they thank you that’s a plus but you know it’s important to be thankful. I mean we teach it to Children, you give a child a gift and snatches it from you. That’s not right. It’s rebellion. They should learn to say thank you, appreciate it. The reason I’m asking this is are you thankful for your food? Of course. Who do you think, jesus, are you born again, christian? I’m catholic. Have you been born again? No, Okay. You know, Jesus said unless you’re born again, you’re not going to enter heaven. Did you know that? Well, I don’t think jesus is a racist, I don’t think, you know, it doesn’t matter to him if you’re a catholic, jewish buddhist, you know whatever it is, I’m sure he’ll let you in if you’re a good person, are you a good person, I believe. So, I’m gonna try and change your mind about that, can you be honest with me? Of course. So what are we doing next? So next we’re gonna do the main course, which is an omelet and it’s actually like a meat lover’s omelet because there’s two different meats in there, there’s veal and there’s lamb, okay, so we’re gonna start with the lamb, this is a lamb tenderloin, it’s a little piece of tenderloin and we’re gonna go ahead and pan sear it and we’re gonna roast it, right? And so we start by seasoning it with some salt pan sear it, it’s just on the outside, just on the outside, get a little brown, right, okay, so you’re hitting the, you’re hitting it up before you drop it, you don’t want to drop it in cold because what it’s gonna do is actually gonna make this piece of meat gray and it’s not going to give me some really nice color and I want some of that browning on the outside and you wouldn’t drop it from No, you wouldn’t drop it from behind, you know? Kind of All right, so while that’s going, I’m gonna start with the uh the omelet here. Break three weeks. This is an omelet pan. Yes, I’m gonna break three eggs into a bowl that I’m gonna whisk Right, so again, one is the one hand thing convenience or that looks cool. Oh three. A big piece of shell in here, ray. So, to this salt and pepper. Again, I gotta be careful not to burn this. Gonna flip this guy over now. Watch out. Sorry, burn you. All right. Are you gonna you’re gonna actually put that over the meat? Now, I’m just gonna whip it and get it ready for the pan. I want it over the meat market. I that’s why you’re not making, We will put it over the meat at the very end. So, a little bit of butter in my omelet pan. You don’t want to use butter. What type of oil would you use? Canola work fine. You just don’t want to use the oil that’s gonna burn and and I’m gonna go at a medium heat and let that melt. Alright, so at this point to I’m gonna add a little bit of butter to my lamb and let that melt in as well. So that’s to give it to give it taste and color and color and color baste it a little bit. Love that sizzle sound right? So once they’re golden brown, that’s gonna go into the oven. No, you’re not trying that, you know, you eat the fish eye on Lebanese, I eat lamb. All right, so it’s my butter is melted and I’m gonna cook the veal in the butter a little bit. What television programs have you appeared on the program? There was a little program called chops and Iron Chef America. Did you enjoy that? Thought this is bad, this is better. Alright, so the eggs are gonna go in now. All right, and now I’m gonna start the omelet making process. So when you cook an omelet you always want to stir, keep stirring, keep scraping the sides on. Okay, don’t stop moving the pan Until you get about 3\/4 of the way coagulated. I do that. You know why I do it? It’s easier to wash their hands if it doesn’t stick to and if you keep it slightly running european, I want it not running creamy, creamy, that’s the point european. They’re actually creamy than american I’m there. Yes it is. So I’m gonna spread it out in this little disk, clean the sides down. So from here I am going to actually put that in there, tap the pen 33 times. And that’s to let any liquid egg run into any gaps that I’ve formed at the bottom. Put this back on the burner for about five seconds. 12345. Take my spatula And I’m gonna tilt upward and I want to fold forward one and two. And now we have one almond wow, that’s an omelet. Oh look at that. A piece of ham, piece of lamb. I’m gonna slice it nice and thin. So good. So from here now we have our our I’m gonna put this here our omelet. I’m so glad I haven’t eaten in four days. This is just perfect. Breaking that fast. So I have a little salad here. Um and I’m going to put a little bit of now. We flew to as well, especially to get just a little lemon. No salt. It’s let you enjoy your own food to do. I know some people, they don’t enjoy their own food when they cook it, but you have no problem with it. I mean I I do, but sometimes I don’t take the time to to make anything really fancy. So, classic french cuisine, you always have a salad with your mm bon appetit. Eat delicious. All right, you do it slightly better than me slightly. How many lies have you told in your life? This is the 9th commandment White Lies. Is that considered a lie a little, of course it is Color doesn’t matter. Well, probably more than 100 white lies. So what do you call someone who lies a liar. So what are you a liar? You still think you’re a good person? Of course. Have you ever stolen something? No. Have you ever used God’s name in vain? No. OMG no, jesus said, if you look at a woman and lust for her, you commit adultery with her in your heart, have you ever looked at a woman with lust? Guilty? Okay, we got you with that one. When did you last look at pornography? Probably about two months ago. It’s looking with lust. Have you had sex before marriage? Yes. My whole life. Okay, Ruben, you told me you’re a liar, fornicator and an adulterer at heart, do you still think you’re a good person? Yes. You know what the problem is? No. You’re judging yourself by your own goodness. When God speaks of good, he means moral perfection and thought word indeed, and none of us are morally perfect and you’re not morally perfect. You’re like the rest of us. You’re a sinner. So here’s the big question. If God judges you by the 10 Commandments on judgment day, you’re gonna be innocent or guilty guilty. I mean, innocent. Innocent. Innocent. First guilty, you’re like the rest of us look Reuben. If you wanna acknowledge you’ve got a disease, you’ll never see the cure if you’ve got cancer. And he keeps saying I’m healthy, I’m healthy. You’ll never want to cure. And if you keep saying I’m not a sinner, I’m a good person and I won’t be guilty on judgment day. When the bible says, we’re all guilty of heinous crimes, then you’ll never seek God’s mercy. I’ll never find everlasting life. And you know before you said to me that God will just let you in. He’s not a racist or whatever. He’s got no sense of justice or truth or righteousness. That’s called idolatry. When you make up a God in your mind that suits your sins. I did it before as a christian. Can you see that you’ve earned your wages that you’re not a good person or you’re still gonna hang on to your what’s called self righteousness. I’m gonna hang on to that. I believe I’m a good person. I’m not perfect, but I’m a good person. Yeah, Well that’s what will take most people to hell. I guarantee if Adolf Hitler was here today, he’d say I’m a good person, I cleaned up Germany brought in full employment, got rid of brothels. I’m a good person. The bible says every man will proclaim his own goodness. So what are we gonna do now? What do we do? We’re going to actually flip some eggs. I’m gonna teach you how to flip you ready for that. Yeah. Without using a tool, we have, Well, I usually do, yeah, fire department, waiting outside fantastic. My wife goes crazy when I go to flip an egg because I put a spatula underneath it, go like this. You like that sort of a panic. And I usually get it back the reason why it never works or doesn’t work for you. Sometimes sometimes the reason why, because you’re panicking, you gotta clear your mind. Okay, here’s how it goes, panicking. Okay. Yeah, that’s it. All right, so we’re gonna turn the pan on, it’s gonna turn on medium or so. Right now we’re gonna put a little bit of oil in that pan, we’re gonna put some butter in the pan just a little bit. Alright, so we’ve broken two eggs into the pan and we’re waiting for the whites to coagulate. So we call it to sit. So I think we may be a little Hi, are you ready? It’s about ready to go sliding already, see that. Yeah. Seriously? Okay, You don’t overcook them, you ready to go. So here’s I’m gonna guide you through it, you’re gonna tilt it forward, you know, allow the egg to go to the front corner of the pan there and you’re gonna bring the pan up and you’re gonna use your wrist flip it upward that come up and then cradle it on the way back down as it comes back down. So it’s in a circular motion. You ready? No, no. So what are we doing forward up and cradle it on the way back down. Oh didn’t clear your mind. Clear your mind. Ready one more time forward up, do this, there we go, Great job, you did break the yolk, but that’s okay, this one’s good, yeah, very nice, very nice. So now we move to the dessert, dessert figs and honey figs and honey. Yes, correct. So it’s really very very simple, so it’s really just figs that have been broiled with a little bit of honey, you know, tell me what broiled broiled is when heat comes from above. Okay, okay, so rather than grilled, which would be heat from below or baked where heat comes from all sides broiled this from above. So you have used most ovens have a broiler setting, so you have heat elements on the top, so we’re just gonna tune this, like we’re gonna, I’m gonna actually do it with a blowtorch. Oh really? Yeah, make it a little more exciting, you can do it, you can do to hold the torch. Should I let them hold the ball? No, never never. Alright, so what we’re gonna do first is we’re gonna cut the stem off the figs cause that’s not very good to eat. And these are fresh figs, Fresh figs and when they’re in season, fantastic, they’re gonna cut them in half, we’re gonna cut them into quarters actually. Oh I love figs, one of my absolute favorites. How old are you Me? I turned 20 something and you like figs aren’t fixed typically for an old person, I’m gonna put these face up like that you like, you’re not a big big fan fan, you like fix? I love fix, I love jesus movie. Yeah, yeah. Have you tried dry fix? Because it’s trying to quit, Doctor said that’s all right. So what are we doing here? So now we’re putting honey on the fix touch. You know our figs naturally sweet, they’re naturally but we’re gonna do one more thing to the figs. I’m gonna put a little bit of salt on there, salt a little bit of salt. Um Okay let’s do it. Alright, so we turn the gas on already. Okay, so when you do this, you keep that away from seriously, you want me to do it then you so all we’re doing is caramelizing, don’t put your fingers there, we’re caramelizing the honey a little bit. Yes, very similar. So we’re getting a little bit, a little charred on the edges there, which is okay, and then is that cooking the fig on the inside or just superficial? It’s just superficial really. You’re getting caramelization on the outside and the inside might be getting a little warm. So what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna put on some ice cream right? Because figs and honey by themselves are delicious, but I think even better with some ice cream. Right? So just kind of garnish our ice cream with some of the figs and you want to go flesh side up so that it is pretty now. That’s when you’re doing this. You’re thinking about how these foods complement each other like salt on top of honey, definitely. And what it does is it accents the flavor that you’re gonna taste more figgy, you’re gonna taste more ice cream because of the salt on it. And then I’m gonna hit it with a little bit of honey, a little more honey on there. I have one weakness in life. Bring it to me. You can’t taste, Hey? No, you put honey on there, salt and let’s just Sprinkle some vinegar on it, wow. Seriously? It worked here. And figs are very classic. Never would have thought of this. This would work. Yeah, I’m liking this food critic thing. There you go. This would have worked so good. Really? I hated figs up until this point. Really? Yeah. Well there you have it. The Ultimate Health Foods, nine foods that Jesus ate and recommended lamps. Thanks for being with us today and thank you and thanks for the good food. What did God do for guilty sinners. So we wouldn’t have to go to hell. He died for our sins. But he didn’t die for yours, did he? He died for all of our sins yours. These 34 cameraman behind us. Everybody on this beach for everybody. So why do you die for your sins. When you say you’re a good person. That’s my point with all, since none of us are good, not one that’s why you need his mercy. Now. Do you understand exactly what happened on the cross? That we broke God’s law, the 10 commandments? And Jesus actually paid the fine. Do you realize that? That’s why I said it is finished. So don’t cling to your own lifelessness. You need God’s righteousness that comes to you in christ. You’re going to think about what we talked about? Probably not. Why not? Because I have way too many things to think about and I know that I have a relationship with God. You know to really think about what you’ve said and my relationship with God is close. So as long as I keep that with him, I have no fears in this world. Reuben If on judgment day, your eyes and my eyes meet and you’re still in your sins, I’m free from your blood because I’ve told you the Gospel. I said that it’s not enough to try and save yourself. That you need jesus christ as your savior. And you said no, I don’t. I don’t. I reject the Gospel man that breaks my heart. So I want you to think about this. I’d like you to lay your head on your pillow tonight and listen to your heartbeat in your ear and say if I die, if I pass in returning a sample for Holy God, what’s gonna happen to me and the Lake of Fire is very real and I don’t want my worst enemy to end up there and that’s why I’m pleading with you. Please think about this with a sense of urgency because you don’t know when you’re gonna die, will you do that for me? Think about it. Sure. Okay, that was a concession. It was, it was like pulling teeth, but I appreciate your listening thing. You ever read the bible? You know, I’ve never read the bible, I have a bible in my backpack and I keep telling myself I’m going to read it one day before I die. So maybe maybe today is an interview or get me to start reading the bible and go through it because I definitely want to do that before I die. Well, you made me feel so much better about this interview. Can I give you a book that I’ve written called How to Be free from the fear of death? Sure, definitely. Okay, thank you for listening to me. This quality recipe book is a perfect gift for a friend because it contains 96 pages of mouth watering recipes based on the scriptures with just a dash of modern brilliance by this new york chef that will send your taste buds into a friends and it contains a gentle presentation of the gospel. You can get it at living waters dot com or wherever good books are sold. Also check out our podcast and other resources to help you share your faith. That’s living waters dot com

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