Civil Rights Movement of the 21st Century

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Dr. Alveda King, niece of Martin Luther King Jr., is a strong voice within the pro-life community. She and others conceived the idea of a Pro-Life Freedom Ride, building on the method the civil rights movement used so effectively in the 1960s. Back then, 13 students boarded a bus in Washington, DC, and headed for New Orleans to test the new civil rights legislation.

Father Frank is national director of Priests for Life and Alveda’s partner in creating the Pro-Life Freedom Rides. Father Frank and Alveda have worked for many years to draw attention to the parallels between the civil rights movement and the fight to end abortion. They believe Pro-Life Freedom Rides clearly illustrate the link between the two movements.

The second Pro-Life Freedom Ride began in Knoxville, Tennessee. Pro-Life leaders rode a bus to Chattanooga, followed by a caravan of pro-life supporters. Facing Life Head-On host Brad Mattes boarded the bus to speak with several leaders about the significance of the ride and how it supports post-abortive women.

The Pro-Life Freedom Rides are a testament to the courage and success of the freedom riders of the 1960s. Leaders of these rides hope to see abortion also viewed as an undeniable human rights issue

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