Called to Comfort

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On my way to Chicago praying that my visit will be of comfort to my beloved’s family as we pay our last respect to my brother in law Jessie Mercado.
Yeah, welcome to our bible capsule of stating. We are reading from 2nd Corinthians chapter 7: verse six. But God who comforts the downhearted comfort us by the coming of titus. You see the Church of Corinthians was going through such difficult time. The Macedonians. Uh we’re suffering too and and Titus came to visit that paul was going through harsh and too and just the presence of titles the worst of him, just being there with them, comfort them and they cheered up the people they gave him because Titus had gone through a difficult time. And here they come to comfort Titus. I mean to comfort the Church of Corinthians and to comfort those that are around them and they said they really they really got energy to continue on in the suffering that they were going through. So I’m on my way to Chicago to see the family too go grieving with the family on our last respect to the great uncle to many and my great brother in law jesse Marcano. And I just pray that not only I my husband and I can be of comfort to the family. So keep us in your prayers. Life is beautiful when we learn to obey and be in the specific timing to help others. May the peace of God that professors are human understanding, guard your heart and mind and christ jesus. Our Lord piece
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