Blessed those that are Thirst and Hunger for Righteousness

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Bible Capsule of today… Mathew 5:6
Prayer Journey Day #8

Welcome to our bible capsule of today. We are really from Matthew chapter five verse six, blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they will be felt. It’s not just hunger but thirst to things for righteousness. What is the difference between them? True hunger is a desire for food, to sustain your life and scientific ation to separate yourself for God. The thirst is a desire to drink to refresh your spirit and it’s a thirst within you to drink from his spirit to bear fruits of righteousness. If more we need righteousness is today. I’m going to invite you in a 21 day prayer journey with me. Starting january 10th, we are going to pray the blessings, the blessings that Are in the Bible 21 of them. We want to predictable for ourselves, our loved ones, our ministries, our communities, wherever God puts in your heart to pray for. And if you want to do a partial fast, you’re welcome to join me. We are going, I feel so different this new year. I feel like I need to dedicate I have this thirst and I have this hunger for his presence in my life. I want every bible capsule not to be just another bible capsule. I wanted to touch the hearts of those that watch our bible capsules. I want God to touch the hearts of my like my brothers, my sister, my Children, my grandchildren, our ministries. I can’t explain to you what is in my heart, what God is putting in me to do? As a matter of fact sunday I preached On someone 39. I was a different person preaching on Sunday the first message of the year. It’s on Youtube. But I don’t want, I don’t like to mix my bible capsule with the church. I respect the territories of other churches and ministers. I love you and please pray for me. I will be praying for you. You have any petitions, any prayer requests. You can go to my website right to me or even on my facebook wherever even I’m like those that get mine bible capsule through my messages, I will be praying already started a list. I’ve been called for such a time like this to stand in the gap from my loved ones and for his church and for humanity. Be the Lord bless you made the peace of God that surpasses all human understanding but your heart and mind in christ jesus, our Lord peace

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