Blessed are those who Cry

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Bible Capsule of today… Mathew 5:4



Welcome to our Bible capsule of today we are reading from Matthew chapter five verse four blessed are those who more for they will be comforted. You know, we need comfort today. We’re in 2022. This prayer journey of 21 days, how am I going to pray? True be one wardens? It says that I’m blessed. If I mourn, how do I mourn? There’s many people morning out there lost of marriage, divorce, single moms, Children that have rebel against their parents, poverty, loss of jobs, health wise, lost of someone with Covid that went to be with the Lord earlier than thought at an early age, sickness the seas and you know, and people will come warning to us and I as a minister, I’m used to giving out scriptures and I’m used to and I’ve had to except I have to stop to war with them. I’d board myself. You know, I would say like sometimes you go through these times of mourning and you wish someone would call you and mourn with you and give your word, I thank God for a prophet named Hernandez. He’s in florida, he’s a man of God. And whenever I’ve gone through difficult times out of nowhere you were called and he would just start speaking word upon me and he doesn’t know what I’m going through. I don’t hear from him for years, but when he calls his four kids because he’s been praying for me, we need to warn in our prayers for those loved ones. Sometimes we can’t say nothing but cry with them and they will be comfort. We will comfort with them. It’s a time to listen, to warn the time to cry. And there’s a blessing when we do this. How how am I going to pray? Lord help me mourn. I don’t know. But I’m blessed when I can cry out for others and when I when I have a feeling of crying, I can cry and I’m blessed. I can warn you kept you. There’s nothing wrong with that tears I’ve heard. It’s not in the bible but tears is a language that God understands and you’re blessed when you cry without everything up. That’s why we have so many sick people, they hold everything in and in and in and they don’t cry. One thing I’ve done and I’ve learned through my walk with jesus and I share with you and humbleness. Whenever I’ve had trials and difficulties I cry it out I am more. And if I can find an altar where I can be alone where no one’s there, the key that I can go into that church or prayer room and just cry and stream, I’ll bless after that or made the peace of God. You know it comes to my mind Hannah when she went to God and she warned because she didn’t have a child, she cried, eli thought she was drunk, who knows what was happening. But she cried no more. She received what she wanted. She needed let it out. You need to cry this. blessed as you cry, May the peace of God that surpasses all human understanding. Guard your heart and mind in christ jesus, our Lord piece.

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