Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

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Bible Capsule of today…. Mathew 5:3
Prayer Journey day #5



Welcome to our bible capsule of today, We are reading from Matthew chapter five verse 3, Blessed are the poor and Spirit for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven, wow, I’m gonna pray that for me to become poor poor in Spirit, not poor in. I just spoke to you yesterday about the prosperity about heavens open about all the blessings, but today this this poverty that we’re praying for, it’s the property of wanting war, of seeing the need of learning more of God, of knowing more. His word of of the the need and and of of that, we don’t know what, we don’t know everything. You know, there’s two churches in the seven of the seven churches that the book of revelation speaks up, There’s the church and that scripture is in revelations, chapter two verse 9 this this church was rich and they said I had no need of anything. And the Lord, when he speaks about it, it says that you’re poor, you have nothing. Why? Because they felt like I don’t think God I got everything I you know, I’m rich and they were rich for real, if you do a study on it. But God told you not blessed at all that those riches are no blessings to you. But there’s the other church, Smyrna that was a poor church that search was not rebuked at all Yet. It says in revelations two verse 9, if you read it, it says you are poor, but you’re rich, you’re rich and you know what I want that poverty, I pray that poverty over us. Spirit poor in Spirit Lord, I want to acknowledge that I don’t know everything Lord I want to be poor because that way I will seek you more and I’m blessed when I acknowledge my lack of knowledge before you. But wanting more, wanting to see how I can I can learn more of you and the kingdom will be manifested to us. That’s what we need. That kingdom come thy will be done on earth on earth as it is in heaven. When we’re poor and Spirit will seek that kingdom and we won’t know that we will with the need that we have, we will come to that agreement. Lord make us poor in Spirit May the peace of God that surpasses all human understanding, guard your heart and mind in christ jesus. Our Lord peace.

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  1. Ruth Rosario

    Love the word.