Blessed are the Peacemakers

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Bible Capsule of today…Mathew 5:9
Prayer Journey Day #11


Welcome to her bible capsule of today We are reading from Matthew chapter five verse nine, Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called Sons of God. A peacemaker. One who brings reconciliation between two people. Yes, that’s a peacemaker. One that makes the difference where there’s war, there’s their stride, you intervene with wisdom and you bring french, you restore friendships, you restore families. That’s what jesus did on the cross. He was the he is the prince of peace. He brought reconciliation to the world to mankind. Forgiving forgiveness. It’s a spirit of forgiveness. When you’re a peacemaker, you forgive you reconcile people, I always admire abigail in the Bible in 1st Samuel chapter 25 her story where King David was going to destroy her home, her husband for their bad action of her husband and she went through the woods to make sure there would be peace in her home. Yes, reconciliation. You know what it is to do a visit and to be able to mend those relations broken relationships between marriages between Children. You’re a blessing. You will be called the child of God. Lord make us peacemakers in all, even in school, even in in our workplace, in our churches, you know, we can strive in our churches. We need peacemakers to bring unity to bring reconciliation. You know, some people have a favor of doing that type of ministry of reconciling and bringing peace. You know, sometimes in families, there’s one person with that favor with that grace to speak or to write a note or to write a letter or it’s even let’s pray for the peace in our families. Let’s pray for the peace. You want to be that peacemaker, Lord. You want to be that peacemaker for your loved ones, for your in your job. You know, in our jobs just always strive. There’s always people trying to to hinder you and jealousy and you know strive and but you know and these but you know what a peacemaker makes a big difference in the atmosphere of strife. So today Lord, these 21 days we want to be peacemakers. We want to be called Child of God. We want to do your will Lord in the midst of strive in the midst of problems of persecution, of misunderstanding. Make us peacemakers in jesus day May the peace of God that surpasses all human understanding God your heart and mind in christ jesus.

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