Blessed are the Meek

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Bible Capsule of today… Mathew 5:5
Prayer Journey day #7


Welcome to our bible capsule of today we are reading from Matthew chapter five verse five, Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth. The meek what type of people are those? I was looking up that meaning because remember the humbleness is one thing but meekness is something else. And a person that is speaking is called submissive russell soft passive. The meek are happy people. Mm hmm. The meek are those who quietly submit to God, who can bear insults. But our silent or returned with a soft answer. Who in their patients keep possession of their own souls When they are scarcely kept possession of anything else, they take everything out but they keep their soul in peace. These meek ones are happy people. Even in this world. Okay, Meekness promotes wealth, comfort, safety even in this world. Mhm. When the meek people to be able to possess the land to be able to, it says that they will inherit the earth. You know we need people that can go with the message and if they’re insulted leave a good testimony with that Spirit of meekness Lord. We need to have this 21 day journey. Prayer journey help us to be meek Children that are unique. Pastors members in our churches. Meek of spirit Lord. You know um it came to my mind when God is asking for some of them say such a donkey and the world is the ask I forgot to for jesus to take a walk. The Jerusalem. Remember the donkey And he asked in the three Gospel. Matthew Mark and Luke because the Lord needs, he’s asking for a donkey because he’s gonna be a brand new one. No one had to be sited sited on it and he was going to come as the the king of kings. He was gonna be in that dump key coming through it and that’s what the youth were saying. Hosanna, Hosanna be the Lord are key and a phrase the customer mind because the Lord needed when they ask you where you’re gonna go get that donkey because the Lord Nita and today the word is the Lord needs make people today And make this 21 day prayer attorney mhm Make a sneak Lord help us to be meek in the midst of trials in the midst of persecution in the midst of misunderstanding in the midst of not understanding what’s going to happen tomorrow. Lord make us let us be unique in spirit so that we may inherit this earth and father and reach out to the souls and bring them to you in jesus name. Oh blessed be those weak people that are watching today. This bible capsule, I’m doing it seven days because we’re doing these 21 days of prayer blessings were blessed when we’re meek, take that with you today and made the peace of God that surpasses all human understanding guard your hearts and minds in christ, jesus. Our Lord piece

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