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Bible Capsule of today…John 11:40



Welcome to our bible capsule of today. We are reading John chapter 11 verse 40 that jesus said, did I not tell you that if you believed you would see the glory of God, this is jesus conversing with Martha in the midst of four days that last year it had been put in that cave, he had died and jesus is coming to resurrect him. But there was a stone that needed to be removed. Sometimes there’s dreams, there’s things inside that tomb. But jesus only needs your faith. He said, if you only believe all things, you would see my glory of God. If you believe you know this month, as we appreciate, we celebrate pastor’s appreciation month again, standing next to the picture frame of those verses that they were given to my husband Before he was called. In 1978, two men came to visit us in a trailer. We were praying and he was seeking God’s guidance and his next step in the ministry and in the colleague that he felt. And these two men came and put one of the scriptures in the of the old testament and another one of the new testament. There were many others, but I gave them all away. But these really touch me, you only believe you will see my glory and we obey. We believed and you know what today Chicago has is the mother church where has birth many churches because we believed now with our power now with our wisdom, but with the obedience of the calling that he called upon his life. Even here in texas, this is one of the baby churches that was birthed through the calling. But you know sometimes are that stone has to be removed before resurrection. Life can come to the dreams. Resurrection can come to the college. Resurrection can come for the healing for the miracles that we need in our lives, and we got his word and his promises may the peace of God to surpass us all human, understanding God, your heart and mind in christ jesus, our Lord Peace.

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