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Bible Capsule of today…Ephesians 1:1b



Welcome to our Bible Council of today. We are reading from Ephesians chapter one verse one paul. An apostle of christ jesus by the will of God to the Saints in Ephesus. The faithful in christ jesus to the Saints in Ephesus. The faithful christ jesus, you know there’s a lot of saints but they’re all faithful. I encourage you to be one of the faith wasn’t devoted always present giving. I mean just giving up your all, keeping the word of God following instructions and you know, I even thought about today our social media. I mean a lot of our jobs companies have gone through virtual. They’re not renting anymore space and you have to work from home, be faithful, be faithful to those that are paying you. Be faithful and devoted and honest in all you do make your company look good. I mean your schoolwork, those that are doing schoolwork and taking classes virtually be faithful so that you can glorify God and everything you do. You know? And I said yesterday how Paul was chosen, you know by God and not only chosen by God, but he was, he was called an apostle. He was representing jesus christ wherever we are at. Whatever we do, we represent him, let’s do our best. Let’s be faithful. Let’s be you know, let’s let’s do our best in everything we do to glorify God may the peace of God that suppresses all human understanding God your heart and mind in christ jesus. Our Lord piece

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