Beating the Odds of Viability

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Tony and Mandie Yannitti of Dayton, Ohio, had been married nearly four years when they learned they were expecting their first child. The pregnancy was going well until problems surfaced during Mandie’s routine 26-week ultrasound.

The ultrasound revealed the baby’s heartbeat was rapidly dropping. Doctors performed an emergency C-section and Mandie gave birth to her son, Carmine. He weighed only 13 ounces.

Even though his prognosis was grim, little Carmine fought to survive. He became the smallest baby to survive at Dayton Children’s Medical Center.

Infant viability is constantly pushed back as medical care advances, yet late-term abortions still continue. Carmine Yannitti’s survival proves that a baby at only 26 weeks can survive outside the womb with few lasting complications. And his parents can’t imagine life without him.

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