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Bible Capsule of today… Psalm 37:4
My niece LaizaTorres


Welcome to our bible capsule of today. We are reading from psalm 37 verse four, delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. Today I’m here with my niece lisa America from God, my sister. I’m delighted God I wanted to celebrate my sister’s birthday and we not celebrated just one day but a whole week. Eliza. How are you today? I’m good. It’s my first day of Puerto rico. I love it here. I’m glad that I got to spend with my family with my aunt and my uncle. They are very special because they gave me America prayers of my leukemia and heal the blood of jesus. You are a prayer warrior. I and she thinks beautiful and I’m just so thankful that she, how old are you now? I’m 30 and I never gave me up. I have straight, I love to sing. I always love to worship God and I like reading the Bible and my grandmother taught me a lot of things and she’s very special even though she’s in heaven. I always think about her. She’s very special. She’s always in my heart, wow, that is beautiful. And you know like how do you like the Bible capsules? Well I like them a lot. I like them. I listened to them every time when I’m at home. I look at my aunt’s uh Wild castle. Like when I’m getting out and doing my bed. I listen to it. Yeah. Well she’s one of our faithful listeners of our bible capsules and I am honored and I also want to let you know those friends that are in Puerto rico. I’m only one so I can’t visit everyone. And my husband has some sisters that we need to see. And this week has been just the island. Yesterday we went to the beach. How did you like the beach? At first I didn’t want to go but I felt so good about it. Going to the sun into the the ocean and the sand. I loved it so much. I had a good time wow! Well you know your uncles are gonna love this bible capsules but I want to tell my friends from Puerto rico. I will be ministering the word of God on sunday here in Carolina Puerto rico. I’ll give I’m gonna post the address. Service starts at 10 in the morning. But I’m gonna confirm that. And I just love the Lord and I love everything and I do. It has been such a blessing. I’m so blessed with my husband. He let us do what we wanted and he would wait in the car for us. Isn’t that your uncle a special person. Yeah. My uncle is a special question this one as well. I got to spend time with her all this week. She’s a very special she says letters. I saved them. I don’t send the empty letters. Right Right. She saves me money but I saved them. She’s blessed. She’s blessed. Are you blessed when you you need to bless. Especially I celebrate you Liza because you’re a gift from God. I mean you could have you could have gone with the Lord when you were five years old. Look, God has added 25 more years to you and money more like you said. So today made the peace of God that surpasses all human understanding, got your heart and mind in christ jesus our Lord piece.

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