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Mercy Maternity Home is a faith-based residential home providing long-term assistance to young pregnant women. Mercy Maternity Home doesn’t just encourage women to choose life. Under the direction of Cara Gault, the staff works to improve the quality of life for both mother and child through prenatal counseling, financial planning, and classes on basic life skills, employment and education options.

Marianne Edmonds is Mercy’s house mom. She, her husband, Rich, and their two teenage daughters maintain their permanent residence in the home. Marianne keeps the girls on task and encourages them to attain their goals. Most women who come to the home have never been part of a healthy family environment. Marianne and her family provide a wonderful model for the women to emulate.

Some young women who seek refuge at Mercy Maternity Home have nowhere else to go. Sam Oliver, pregnant at 16, was one such woman. Sam had a long history of making poor decisions, but with a child on the way she decided she wanted to turn her life around. Mercy gave her the guidance she needed.

After saying no to abortion, many women ask, “Now what do I do?” Places such as Mercy Maternity Home provide answers and guidance to young women who choose life for their unborn babies.

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