A Lifetime Sacrifice Part 1

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In part one of this two-part episode, we hear the tragic and triumphant stories of three American soldiers who have sacrificed for our freedom:

Helene Paci is a Gold Star mother who lost her oldest son, Tony, to the war in Afghanistan in 2010. Between his first deployment, to Iraq, and the second to Afghanistan, he had married his wife, Erica, and together they had three children. Through their grief Tony’s family remains immensely proud of the sacrifice he made in the name of freedom.

Nicki Bunting is a Gold Star widow and the mother of two sons, Conner and Cooper. Nicki’s husband, Capt. Brian “Bubba” Bunting, was killed in Afghanistan by an IED in February 2009. Though devastated by the loss, Nicki found comfort in the fact that Bubba had spent two weeks at home with her and Conner just before his death. Four days after Bubba’s death, Nicki discovered she was pregnant with Cooper. It was a much-needed bright spot in the midst of tragedy.

Army Sergeant Shane Parsons was deployed to Baghdad in December 2005. His mother, Cindy, was apprehensive but supported his beliefs and was proud of his desire to fight for America’s freedoms. But her fears were realized when Shane’s Humvee hit an EFP. Shane’s miraculous tale of survival comes with a great cost—the loss of both legs.

Shane, Tony and Bubba are true heroes for willingly putting themselves on the line to defend our freedom. But these tragic and triumphant stories of sacrifice and survival are only the beginning. Be sure to watch part two of this very special program.

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