7 ways to help a business survive and thrive during pandemic

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The effects of this present pandemic are disruptive beyond comprehension. The situation is changing by the hour. The consequences vary from difficult to dire for billions of people, and nobody knows what the timeline is for this crisis.
Media across the world updates us constantly on the negative effects on businesses and on people’s lives. So, What can we do?

In this episode of Apnao Conversations, Filmmaker and Social Catalyst PEARL GANTA continues her discussion with MATS TUNEHAG. Mats gives us
7 WAYS of how we can help a business cope in these tough times.

Mats is a speaker, writer and a business consultant from Sweden. Mats has worked in more than half the countries of the world and serves with a global investment fund that helps SMEs to grow in size and holistic impact in the Arab world and Asia.

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