3 Important Virtues in Our Calling

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Bible Capsule of today… Ephesians 4:1-2


Welcome to our Bible capsule of today we are reading from Ephesians chapter four verse 1 and two as a prisoner of the Lord. Then I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. Be completely humble and gentle. Be patient bearing with one another in love, bearing with one another in love. You know? Um as I studied the scripture, remember paul describes himself that he is a prisoner, but he’s not a prisoner of the roman soldiers or any of the enemies. He’s a prisoner of the Lord because he knows that he is in that prison, because God has a purpose for him. Writing to the church is preparing leader, sending prisoners out with messages, delivering them from prison, both prisons from the enemy and out of that cell. But one thing he speaks to us of three virtual in this calling in the spanish version is as vocation, our calling his application and he says to be gentle and to be humble and gentle. In the original King James is uh, meekness, meekness and humbleness. They’re two different things. Meekness is from the outside you’re treating how you treat people. Being gentle, being quiet, being sweet, being uh tolerant and you know, know when to be quiet and went to uh speak and and not losing control. Humbleness comes from inside. It’s from your heart, it’s your attitudes. It’s who you are, humbleness is the opposite or not the opposite, but it’s the inside of you and how you you present yourself and how you speak even your way your your body language, humbleness comes from inside out where meekness is gentleness with the treating of others today. You know I’m trying to record here and there’s a strong wind and I have to be holding my my camera my phone. I don’t want it to break. It’s broken the screen many times with these bible capsules but I want you to lose focus. Its application. It’s a calling. Let’s join three of them humbleness, gentleness or meekness and being patient with those around us. You know it’s easy to be patient and humble and meek with those that you only see like once a year or periodically but at home with your spouse with your Children with your parents. That makes it different with those people you have contact with everyday. Yes it’s a vocation. It’s a coffee. I invite you to that kind may the peace of God that surpasses all human understanding God your heart and mind and christ jesus. Our Lord peace

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