Unidentified and Mysterious

Now that UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena, formerly called UFOs) have been pronounced real, serious questions remain regarding their nature. What are they? What are they doing? Are they manned by conscious beings? Do they have a sinister purpose? Could they harm humans? Many researchers have described their behavior. Some accounts of mysterious aerial vehicles have been sensational, including unusual reports of abductees and contactees. More credible are visual sightings preserved on unquestioned videos originating from US Army and Navy sources released in 2017. Only about one in six US residents believe they have seen (or may have seen) a UAP or UFO. We have not been overrun with UAPs. While media reports of the UAP phenomena have proliferated since 2017, our lives continue more or less normally.
UAP objects are not physical as are ordinary objects in our experience. Aerial phenomena proven not to be hoaxes, misidentifications, or misinterpretations disobey and defy the laws of physics. UAPs are non-physical phenomena. They do, however, impact humans visually. UAPs are primarily a visual phenomenon.
To illustrate their non-physical traits, we list eight of the 15 descriptive statements listed in Chapter 6 of the previously cited Hugh Ross UFO volume (R in (R)UFO signifies ‘residual,’—those sightings left over after all natural explanations have been eliminated): (1) RUFOs leave no physical artifacts, even after crashing. (2) They generate no sonic booms when they break the sound barrier, nor do they show any evidence of meeting with air resistance. (3) RUFOs may be detected by radar but not seen, or they may be seen but not detected by radar. (4) They make impossibly sharp turns and sudden stops and impossibly rapid accelerations to speeds approaching fifteen thousand miles per hour. (5) They change momentum without yielding an opposite change in momentum in matter or in an energy field. (6) They change shape, size, and color at random. (7) They send no detectable electromagnetic signals. (except light on most occasions, emphasis mine) (8) RUFOs consistently succeed in evasive action, sometimes vanishing instantly or at other times seeming to enter the ground without leaving a trace.
In our preceding post, we cited TTSA—the To the Stars Academy. Former entertainer Tom DeLonge originated To the Stars “…to advance society’s understanding of scientific phenomena and its technological implications.” To achieve this understanding, TTS describes “…the military’s affiliation with alien-related subject matter” and their organization’s current “Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the US Army.” One TTS project is studying exotic metals that will lead to development of advanced technologies. TTS personnel claim to have in their possession exotic metals supposedly recovered from UFOs over many years. One frequently published picture shows a small sample of an alloy of micro-layered magnesium/bismuth/zinc. Purchases of these materials have commanded some very high prices. The provenance of such materials is mostly shrouded in mystery, contrary to their organizational boast of “transparency.” TTS hopes to achieve futuristic modifications such as active camouflage, beamed energy propulsion, inertial mass reduction, and quantum communication. The organizational purpose of TTS? Some of their reporting lists their goal of duplicating the capabilities of UAPs. This is a startling admission.
Tom DeLonge, originator of TTSA, is an enthusiastic supporter of the extra-terrestrial origin of mysterious unidentified flying objects. Billions of planets in our universe harbor plentiful life, according to this popular belief. DeLonge believes we need to discover the advanced technologies used by the operators of these vehicles. Enthusiasts of the extra-terrestrial hypothesis concerning mysterious flying objects no doubt believe that if we could discover and utilize technologies used by hypothetical extra-terrestrial beings, we would be able to duplicate their behavior according to newly discovered physical laws. This would be of great advantage to advance our military capabilities, he believes.
Answers to questions about mysterious UAP phenomena do not depend on discovering hitherto unknown properties of exotic metals. The laws of physics currently operating in our cosmos make travel by intelligent aliens to this solar system virtually impossible. Explanation of UAP/(R)UFOs is found in a totally different realm of reality—a realm beyond our familiar three dimensions of space and one dimension of time.
Plentiful literature has addressed the subject of extra dimensions. These extra dimensions are also variously called trans- or inter-dimensional. The Creator of Heaven and Earth brought our time and space dimensions into existence. He is The Cause of our personal time and space dimensions. He is also able to create time and space dimensions outside of or in addition to the current time and space dimensions in which we exist. This creation event is known as a transcendent event. Jesus performed many miracles which demonstrated supernatural powers—those powers that exceeded the limits of ordinary time and space dimensions in which we are immersed on ordinary days. One well known event occurred after Jesus’ resurrection when He suddenly appeared in the presence of the disciples—the doors being closed. It was a spectacular divine appearance of Christ who, under ordinary physical laws, would not have have been able to pass through solid doors, become visible to the disciples, and talk with them (John 20:19-20).
God created humans to be ordinarily confined to familiar physical laws. Scripture tells us that He also created spirit beings, including angels, most of whom remained obedient to God. They were able to make supernatural appearances. A minority of these spirit beings rebelled against God and exist as “fallen” angels, evil spirits, or demons. (Isa. 14:12-17 and Matt. 25:41) These beings have supernatural power beyond the limits of ordinary laws of physics. In a future post we will examine the implications of visible, sensory demon influence on humans whose ordinary daily existence is supported by fixed physical laws. A large majority of our populace has never experienced unexplained supernatural, transcendent events.
People who have witnessed an unidentified object which has proven NOT to be a hoax, misidentification, or perceptual distortion, may use the term mysterious, or even frightening to describe their experience with a UAP or (R)UFO. Many scientists do not deal with the supernatural in their study of science. They believe they should study only natural phenomena, not the supernatural. Evidence of UAPs, particularly since 1947 tilts us toward belief that a sinister or malevolent intelligence may be operating.
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