The Ten Second Rule

The Ten-Second Rule

“At once they left their nets and followed him.”

Mark 1:18

My husband Ken keeps what he calls “the ten-second rule.” When he senses the Holy Spirit prompting him to do or say something on behalf of the gospel, he will do it before ten seconds have elapsed. “No time like the present,” he likes to say. He also realizes that to delay obeying the Lord sometimes means you never will.

Ken’s attitude reminds me of Simon and Andrew in today’s Scripture. When Jesus called these brothers, “At once they left their nets and followed [Jesus].” At once! Oh, that we would instantly obey when the Holy Spirit whispers a directive. When you hear a command from Scripture, put into practice at once. On the spot. When you read a passage that pricks your conscience, confess your wrongdoing right then and there. Too many of us brush aside the Spirit’s prompting, when the right and best course is to follow Jesus’ lead—immediately.

Thank You, Lord, that You walk through my day with me, hour by hour, moment by moment. Help me to stay alert and watchful—with eyes open to opportunities to speak for You and ears open to the voice of Your Spirit. And when You do speak, Lord, remind me not to drag my feet.

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