talking with god

Talking With God

“Moses said to the Lord, ‘O Lord, I have never been eloquent, neither in the past nor since you have spoken to your servant. I am slow of speech and tongue.’”

Exodus 4:10

Talking to God could be intimidating. Talking with God could strike even greater fear in your heart. Little wonder that Moses, when approaching God, became a nervous wreck. He stammered. He stuttered. He excused himself as ineloquent, unable to put two sentences together without stumbling.

Some Christians find it easier to talk to God than with him. But prayer is cultivating a relationship with the Lord of the universe. Prayer is holding a conversation with him, sharing your hopes, dreams, and affections, as well as listening to his hopes and affections. That we can talk with God is truly astounding.

If you have a desire to talk with God, you are already halfway there, because if you pay attention to those desires, your prayer life will be a conversation with your Savior and Lord. Talking with God is not first and foremost petitioning, or finding answers or getting things… talking with him is a new level of listening to the voice of your Lord.

When you talk with someone, you share your thoughts and ideas and then listen. You listen to what your friend has to say. The same is true when we talk with God. Pause during your praise and intercession for long moments just to… listen. Wait on the Lord to hear what Scriptures he places on your mind. Focus the ears of your heart on him, keeping distractions at bay and your wandering mind in check. This is listening. This is talking with the Lord.

How I praise you, Lord, that you desire a two-way communication with me. Forgive me when I talk at you… and fail to speak to you and then listen. May my prayer life grow in this way.

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