sorry, mr. secretary parents are not domestic terrorists

Sorry, Mr. Secretary – Parents Are Not Domestic Terrorists

If some liberals wonder why parents of public school-age children are aggrieved and frustrated, they need look no further than yesterday’s story confirming that Education Secretary Miguel Cardona and his staff likened protesting moms and dads at school board meetings to domestic terrorists.

You might remember the news last fall that the National School Boards Association (NSBA) suggested parents around the country who were objecting to the teaching of Critical Race Theory, along with mask wearing and other classroom-related concerns, were engaging in “a form of domestic terrorism.”

I’m sorry, Mr. Secretary – but mothers and fathers who take an active and concerned role in their children’s education aren’t radical, violent rebels – they’re loving, responsible men and women who are deeply involved in the shaping and nurturing of the next generation.

In fact, they’re doing what grown-ups do – they’re standing up for what they believe in an orderly and candid manner.

Government hostility towards parents and families is rising, and it should alarm everyone, not just those with children in the home. It reflects a disdain for freedom and is an insult to the autonomy and authority every mom and dad possesses under the United States Constitution.

In many cases, it also reflects a violation of religious freedom since many of these objections are rooted in the belief that government cannot usurp our first principles.

So, what’s at the heart of this antagonism?

There is an arrogance, of course – a haughty belief that “Big Brother” knows better and anyone who dares to intervene, or question governmental authority, is somehow an enemy of the state. Sit down, shut up – and obey.

Last November’s election should have put on notice any politician who tries to usurp moms’ and dads’ authority. Love and care of our children are not partisan issues. Parents are the ones who are ultimately responsible for their child’s education. Enrolling a child in a public school does not constitute an abdication of parental authority.

Transparency is critical and we should all be relieved this egregious and insulting behavior has been exposed. We must remain vigilant and engaged – holding our elected and appointed representatives accountable.

Keep up the pressure, moms and dads. Our team at Focus on the Family stands with you and readily and regularly wades into the public square to protect, preserve and defend our God-given and constitutionally protected rights.

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