saving your marriage from divorce

Saving Your Marriage from Divorce

I’ve got good news for you if you’re in a bad marriage: No matter how dire your circumstances, there is hope.

When a marriage enters dangerous territory, the journey to get out isn’t easy, but the results can be beautiful.

On our Focus on the Family Broadcast “Saving Your Marriage from Divorce,” psychologist and author Dr. David Clarke shares his proven, 90-day strategy for getting a broken marriage on track toward healing and intimacy.

Dr. Clarke says healing begins by identifying the type of couple you are:

  1. The couple who admits they’re unhappy and struggling but are willing to work on it.
  2. The couple in which one spouse is unhappy with the relationship and wants change while the other is happy with the relationship and doesn’t want change.
  3. The couple whose relationship has succumbed to egregious sin, like an affair, and divorce feels imminent.

Regardless of the circumstances your relationship is facing, there is hope for your marriage. With God’s grace (and some hard work on your part!), your marriage can improve, and you and your spouse can be happy again.

Find out how on your local radio stationonline, on Apple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts, or on our free phone app. We’re talking with Dr. David Clarke about his book, I Don’t Want a Divorce: A 90-Day Guide to Saving Your Marriage.

After 30 years of working with marriages in his therapy practice, Dr. Clarke knows how to help couples move beyond theory and employ straight forward, practical ideas that have been tested by thousands of couples who are thinking about divorce and shown to be effective in helping them build a new relationship together.

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