Remodeling Your Life

A number of years ago, our kitchen was remodeled. The remodeler came in and showed us some great plans. He showed us pictures of what the new cabinets would look like, samples of our options for wallpaper, and color cards with choices for paint. It was a glorious sight to see what our new kitchen was going to look like on paper. In fact, there was so much excitement and anticipation about the new kitchen, we forgot about the process.

To get that kitchen remodeled, stuff had to be torn down and torn up. Things got so bad in our house, that at one point, we had to move in with our daughter to get away from all of the flying dust. The remodeler had to tear up the floor, tear down the cabinets, move out the appliances, and sand down the walls. We had to get out of there. We couldn’t take it! But we wouldn’t have been able to get a new kitchen if the old one wasn’t torn up first.

Many people want God to give them a new life, a new job, or a new situation; but they don’t want Him to touch anything. If I would have told my remodeler that I didn’t want him to touch anything, he would have told me that I didn’t want to remodel. If I wanted new paint, a new floor, or new cabinets, none of that would be possible if the old stuff wasn’t messed up first. We have got to trust God and give Him permission to tear things up so that He can make all things new.

Sometimes God has to strip us, break us and remove from us that which we have come to rely on in order for us to be rebuilt with spiritual strength, focus and stamina. It never feels good when He’s removing securities and other things from us but if we will trust the process, we will see a greater good on the other side.

Tony Evans Dr. Tony Evans is the founder and senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, founder and president of The Urban Alternative and...

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