redeemed through apocalypse

Redeemed Through Apocalypse

If an area of your life hasn’t become what you’d hoped, you need an apocalypse.

The word “apocalypse” usually brings to mind catastrophic end-of-the-world scenarios. Earthquakes, toppled buildings, destruction everywhere. But the Greek word for “apocalypse” doesn’t mean “destruction.” It means “to uncover or to reveal.”

An apocalypse is what happens in a court of law. Everything is exposed and measured against truth. There are no secrets. Nothing is off limits because it’s embarrassing … or worse yet, incriminating.

Which is why when life isn’t working the way we hoped, we need an apocalypse. We need truth to invade our souls deeply enough that we can fix what’s broken. If our marriage is in trouble, we need truth to help us see the problem. If our children are choosing poorly, they need truth to give them wisdom. If our finances are in disorder, if our relationships are struggling, if our careers aren’t what we’d hoped for … only truth can steer us in a better direction.

But there’s a catch. We often don’t want the truth. We fear an earthquake might actually rock our marriage or topple some area of our world, so we choose to ignore our problems and remain stuck. But that is really no solution at all. Happiness that glosses over trouble while propping itself up on lies is short lived.

To have the life we’re dreaming about, we need the courage to see and respond to the truth. We need an apocalypse.

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