When you have to wait, by Dr. Charles Stanley

Noah’s Way

Trusting God When Others Don’t

By Charles F. Stanley


Because Noah was a righteous man who listened and trusted the Lord, God commanded him to build an ark (Gen. 6:14). This wasn’t a small project because the ark was to be 450 feet long, 50 feet wide, and three stories tall. Nothing like it had ever been built before, so Noah could have made excuses, but he trusted God and did exactly what he was told

Sometimes in our obedience to the Lord we may not understand how it will all work out or even how we are to accomplish it. Our human nature wants a full explanation of all that’s required before we proceed, but the Lord wants us to believe Him and obey. If we’ll trust Him enough to take the first step, we can be sure that God will provide what we need to take the next step. And if we need further direction, we can ask Him earnest questions in prayer being confident that He will reveal what we need to know.

Noah’s Trust in God

Although the Lord’s command to build an ark seemed absurd to his neighbors, Noah trusted God and carefully followed His instructions regarding how to build it. Every step of the way, Noah had to rely on the Lord to provide materials and guidance for the construction of the ark. It had no rudder because God was going to steer it. There were no sails since the Lord would power it, and there was no need for a compass because God would direct its course. All the instructions were clear so Noah would know exactly what to do.

Trust is also essential in our lives as we walk with the Lord. Without it, we’d be like a car without wheels going nowhere in life. If God gives us a command, He assumes the responsibility for providing the means for us to follow it. If we always insist on having all our questions answered before we move forward, we never will. Like Noah, we can count on the Lord to provide whatever we need to accomplish His will. Whether it’s resources, finances, or specific directions about what to do next, all we need to do is ask God and wait for Him to provide in His time.

Noah’s Formula for Living

The example Noah gives us could be called the ABCs for life—listen to the Lord, trust Him, and then obey. This simple formula is God’s solution for living in a sinful world, and it can be applied to every area of our lives. Yet sometimes listening, trusting, and obeying God scares us
because we fear that we won’t be understood by others or might lose out in some way. However, anytime we follow the Lord’s instructions we win, simply because we’ve obeyed Him.

To live a godly life, we must listen to God by reading His Word and trusting what He says. Then we step out in obedience, knowing that He has all knowledge and all power in every circumstance in life. Nothing is beyond Him. Furthermore, blessings follow obedience. Because Noah listened, trusted, and obeyed God, one family was saved from the flood—and a new civilization began.

ABOUT DR.CHARLESSTANLEY Dr. Charles F. Stanley joined the staff of First Baptist Church of Atlanta in 1969 and became senior pastor in 1971. In 1982, Stanley...

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