New Study Butterfly Wings More Than Just Scales

New Study: Butterfly Wings More Than Just Scales

God’s creation is amazing. Whether we look to the heavens at the massive scale of what he’s made or peer through microscopes to study atoms and molecules, we’re astounded by the complexity and design of his creation. And a new study on butterfly wings is no exception.

Butterfly wings are made up of tiny scales. Don’t get your hopes up—I don’t know of any evolutionists saying they believed dinosaurs evolved into butterflies (not yet anyway)! At any rate, the scales are delicate structures, and the wings can quickly overheat or cool down too much—at least, they would if God hadn’t provided them exactly what they need to regulate the temperature of their gorgeous and colorful wings.

Scientists have discovered active cells underneath the scales on butterfly wings. These cells serve as a “network of mechanical and temperature sensors, as well as a supportive circulatory and tracheal system.” One researcher explains,

Butterfly wings are essentially vector light-detecting panels by which butterflies can accurately determine the intensity and direction of sunlight, and do this swiftly without using their eyes.

Butterfly wings are even more complex than we thought! Such an intricate and careful design reminds us that butterflies are not the result of random, chance processes over millions of years. They were created by God and bear his fingerprint. They’re just another example of why mankind is “without excuse” for refusing to acknowledge the Creator—his existence is obvious from what he’s made (Romans 1:20).

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