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When Mary and Martha were faced with the death of their brother, Lazarus, as recorded in John 11, they were filled with questions about what seemed to be Jesus’ lack of concern. But in the midst of their questions, Jesus Himself poses a question: “Do you believe?” He was asking if they believed in the power that could cause their brother to live again.


After Jesus told Martha, “Your brother will rise again,” Martha offered a theological response. Yes, Lazarus will rise again in the great future resurrection. Theologically, she nailed the answer. She was absolutely correct in her doctrine. But she missed the fact that Jesus’ question was not just about believing in an idea, but believing in a Person.

It’s easier for us to believe all the right things about Jesus than to believe Him.

It’s easier for us to believe all the right things about Jesus than to believe Him. For all the information you’ve learned about God is designed for one purpose—to lead you to believe in the God about whom you’ve gathered all this data. Honestly, we are much less in need of more data or information than we are in need of an experience of the God to whom it points.

All of the Bible reading you do, and all of the theology that you ponder, is designed for this central purpose: to bring you into a relationship with Him.

So, the question is: Do you know about Him . . . or do you know Him?

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