Genesis; Where It All Began

Genesis: Where It All Began

Here at The Urban Alternative, the foundation of everything we do can be found in the Bible. We base everything upon God’s Word. And one of our goals is to help you deepen your understanding of God’s purposes and His kingdom agenda by offering insights from the Scriptures and by encouraging you to explore His Word for yourself. Therefore, each month we’ll devote one or two of our email devotions to introducing you to read one of the books of the Bible, hoping that you’ll enjoy our video which highlights some of that book’s key themes. May it help you to meditate upon what God is speaking through His Word.

The book of Genesis sets the stage for the rest of Scripture.

There is no better place to begin than the beginning. The book of Genesis sets the stage for the rest of Scripture. The best way to understand this book is through its personalities, beginning with the first couple, Adam and Eve. God gave His dominion covenant to humankind, to rule on His behalf as a reflection of His dominion over all. But they sinned against God, bringing earth under the temporary control of Satan. But even as early as the third chapter of Genesis, there is a prophecy of a Redeemer—Jesus Christ—who will defeat Satan and restore God’s kingdom. Another key figure is Abraham, a man whom God called to reestablish His kingdom regime. Beginning in chapter 12, Genesis traces the history of Abraham and his family as God lays the foundation of His kingdom through the nation of Israel.

Here’s a short video that highlights five key themes of the book of Genesis. May you be blessed by it!

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  1. Eddie Morris

    Just by the short introduction, I believe I’m going to enjoy your teaching. I am so looking forward to it