Fact a Day: 4

The Facts on the Mind Sciences

Does the mind really have psychic or divine powers?


The Mind Sciences believe that men have innate supernatural or divine abilities, and as proof they cite the fact that some people can develop psychic powers. But as we documented in Cult Watch, according to biblical teaching, parapsychological research, and the claims of many occultists themselves, man does not have such powers innately. For example, nowhere in the Bible is man presented as having supernatural powers that originate within his own nature. Real supernatural power comes either from God and the holy angels or Satan and his demons. If we carefully examine Scripture, we discover that every miracle ever done by believers was done entirely through the power of God or holy angels, and every miracle done by pagans was done through the power of Satan or his demons.*

Further, the common idea that we use only 10 percent of our brain’s potential, even if true, can hardly prove that if we could use the other 90 percent, we could actually perform supernatural miracles with our minds. The fact is that psychic powers are not latent human powers possessed by everyone. Most people who think so refer to the research of J.B. Rhine and modern parapsychology as having “proven” that psychic powers are natural abilities within all people. But shamans, satanists, witches, mediums, channelers, psychics, and spiritists freely concede that apart from their spirit helpers they are powerless to do the things that they do.

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