Fact a Day: 1

The Facts on the Mind Sciences

How have the Mind Sciences influenced Christianity? Have they restored true Christianity?

The following comparisons will make it clear that the Mind Sciences’ claim to be Christian is wrong.

  Mind Sciences Christianity
God Impersonal; Spirit/Mind/Cosmic Law, etc.; Unitarian. Personal (loving, merciful, etc.) triune (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit).
Jesus A man who most fully realized and lived the “Christ”—the divine part of all men. The only incarnate God and the second Person of the Trinity.
Man One essence with God (i.e., in his true nature man is God). A finite creation of God made in God’s image, but never one essence with God.
Salvation Salvation is from wrong thinking and false perception. Salvation occurs by personal “enlightenment” through metaphysical instruction and occult practice. By good works. Salvation is from God’s judgment. Salvation occurs by faith in the vicarious atonement of Jesus Christ who died for our sin. By grace (Eph. 2:8,9Rom. 3:28-4:6).
Death Death involves reincarnation and cosmic evolution back into Godhood. Eternal heaven or hell.
Bible The writings of fallible men offering varying degrees of spiritual enlightenment as long as they are interpreted metaphysically (i.e., non-literally and subjectively). God’s personal revelation of Himself to mankind; interpreted normally (i.e., literally).
Ultimate Reality Monistic or pantheistic—all is God/God is all. Religious dualism—God is the Creator of the universe, material and spiritual.
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