Embrace the Unusual

Embrace the Unusual

Comebacks are God’s specialty. He loves turning around impossible circumstances. Joseph was taken from prison to the palace, and Christ was taken from the grave to resurrected glory. Our God relishes the chance to make the impossible possible.

Consider the story of Jesus teaching at the beach. He climbed into a boat belonging to Peter, pushed it out from the land and began to teach the people (Luke 5:1-3). But afterward, Jesus said to Peter, “Put out into the deep water and let down your nets for a catch” (verse 4).

What follows demonstrates how unconventional our Lord can be! The fisherman had caught nothing all day, and while Jesus was a good teacher, what did He really know about fishing? But they did as He instructed and were surprised to find the catch of a lifetime in their nets.

So many of us want to experience the same thrill; we want Jesus to fill our own empty nets with a mighty bounty. In order to receive Christ’s blessing, we too will have to embrace the unusual. God does things differently because He wants to show us who He is, who we are in Him, what our purpose is and most importantly, how to follow Him.

If we’re willing to do things differently and follow Him no matter what, we can experience a real comeback in our lives.

But we also must remember, God blesses us so we can serve Him more, not less. He doesn’t desire to bless you so you will have less time to pray. He wants to bless you so you will have more time for Him and know the power of prayer. He wants you to realize that when you obey His Word and your comeback occurs, you need to spend all the more time in Scripture. God blesses us with comebacks in our lives so we can follow Him more.

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