Do You Believe

Do You Believe?

“Abram believed the LORD, and he credited it to him as righteousness.”

—Genesis 15:6
The panel of disability ministry specialists sat on the platform of the small auditorium. Two hundred students of Russia’s first college for training social workers were gathered there to hear the specialists talk about disability policies in the United States. The specialists, as agreed, spent the hour talking about various issues such as housing, independent living, and employment. They were careful to respect the wishes of the school by not speaking of their faith but rather focusing on the issues at hand.

At the end of the presentation the moderator asked for questions. Several hands went up, but one student was most enthusiastic. He stood up and asked a question that shocked everyone: “Do you believe in God?”

The room was silent. Some students looked at the teacher; others nodded encouragement, eager to hear the answer. The atmosphere became electric as the panelists leaned forward in their chairs and shared their testimony. The students had come to learn about human solutions to suffering, but what was on their minds was the most fundamental of all questions: God.

The essence of humanity, in both society and the individual, is found in how we answer that question. If we believe in God, it will make a difference in how we live and learn. The question should be asked on a daily basis as we ponder a decision, face a crisis, undergo a temptation. Our affirmative answer forces us to trust God and to yield to his way of life. And best of all, God affirms in our hearts that he is indeed in control.

Do you believe in God?

Father, God of all, I believe in you. I affirm that your existence will govern my life today.

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