childhood sexual abuse

Childhood Sexual Abuse

The Secret Storm

Childhood sexual abuse is an umbrella term that covers a variety of inappropriate actions with children for the sexual gratification of an older child or adult. Such exploitation is like a violent storm that leaves a chilling aftermath of fear and devastation.

What Is Childhood Sexual Abuse?

  • Childhood sexual abuse is any physical, visual or verbal interaction with a minor by an older child or adult whose purpose is sexual stimulation or sexual satisfaction.
  • Abuse is intentional, not accidental.

Who Is the Victim of Childhood Sexual Abuse?

  • A child victim of sexual abuse is any boy or girl under the age of eighteen who has suffered a single experience or many experiences of sexual abuse.

Safe from the Storm

Childhood sexual abuse brainwashes its victims into believing that they are unlovable … or they will no longer be loved if “people find out.” What they perceive to be conditional love buries their secret all the more. Children who have experienced the trauma of sexual abuse need not only a physical haven of safety, but also an emotional haven for the wounded heart. Tell them about God’s unconditional love and then be an example of His unconditional love. Help children run into the arms of Jesus to receive His emotional support and security.

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  1. Jane

    Having been sexually abused as a child by another little girl, my father, and my fathers’ friend, a Pastor in my 30’s, my husband. Is this why I am so needy and lonely all the time, and have had 4 suicide attempts? God’s love and my relationship with Christ is my HOPE. Severe past trauma and grief and loss run deep. With a good Psychologist now. How to get over the nightmares? Believe sons don’t trust me now and have pulled away because I left marriage because of abuse, but they don’t know any of the sexual abuse husband did behind doors. Too intimate to tell them, so my secret has saved them, but I have also lost them. Do I tell them to help them understand me?