purgatory wotm


Purgatory is not found in the bible, yet many are hoping to go...
stealing wotm


Is it ok to steal from the richest man in the world? The...
can a christian living in sin be assured of salvation


Can a Christian living in sin be assured of salvation?      ...
mission iowa

Mission: Iowa

The Tulip Gospel Outreach is causing faith to bloom in Iowa.    ...
comfort food

Comfort Food

Chef Lance Nitahara, winner of Chopped and Iron Chef America faces his biggest...
latter day saints

Latter Day Saints

The bible vs. the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints  ...
eternal perspective

Eternal Perspective

When Ray Comfort, Emeal Zwayne and Oscar Navarro talk to unbelievers about Jesus...
street preaching

Street Preaching

Ray Comfort gives a lesson on Open Air Praching, while EZ and Mark...
saving sacramento

Saving Sacramento

A Sacramento church is trained to take the gospel to the streets.
pressing on

Pressing On

Sharing the Christian message with some who accept and those who reject.
reasonable faith

Reasonable Faith

Reasoning with unbelievers about the absolute claims of the bible.     today...
risky christians

Risky Christians

Skydiver stuntman Anthony Martin is locked in a casket and thrown out of...
Ray Comfort And God

Ray Comfort and God

Ray Comfort is well known in Christianity, but where did he come from...
Extreme Preacher

Extreme Preacher

Vic Murphy is a preacher who isn’t afraid to jump his BMX over...
god and sports

God and Sports

A group of missionaries to the Major Leagues pitches the truth to sports...
tough questions

Tough Questions

Atheists love throwing hard questions at Christians. The Living Waters team shows you...
Lgbt And God

LGBT and God

One woman’s quest to know God results in a changed lifestyle.    ...
Penn Jillette And God

Penn Jillette and God

As a very unexpected surprise, Ray Comfort meets Penn Jillette. Christianity vs. Atheism!...
god's chef

God’s Chef

A cooking show winner has a close encouter with God.     yeah,...