The Hon. Sam Rohrer is the founder and host of the global media ministry – Stand in the Gap Radio and TV. As a preacher, former businessman, father of 6 and grandfather of 16, Rohrer was also a Pennsylvania state legislator for nearly two decades before retiring and founding the American Pastors Network (APN) in 2013. In these positions, Rohrer has sought to challenge, encourage and network pastors to stand boldly for the Authority of Scripture. Stand in the Gap Radio and TV were birthed to demonstrate how pastors and all Believers embracing a Biblical Worldview can effectively connect biblical principles to the issues of the day and more effectively Stand in the Gap for Truth. Rohrer is also the author of the book, “America’s Roadmap to Renewal” – The Answer to Past Prayers and Hope for the Future”- available on AmazonThis historical and biblical resource is a practical resource for all freedom loving people around the world who desire a nation where God will bless and liberty and freedom prevail.