Pastor Ruth Mercado

Ruth Mercado was born in the United States to parents who were pioneers of the Gospel in Puerto Rico. At the age of five,
while her parents were pastors in the city of Chicago, she received God’s direct calling through a dream.
At the age of five her father began to give her the opportunity to minister the Word of God.

In 1972 she married Apostle Angel. L. Mercado, Founders of the International Ministry Christian Fellowship Flock
(Rebaño Compañerismo Cristiano). God blessed them with four children.
Her vision is “to turn the hearts of the parents to their children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the
righteous—to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.” (Luke 1:17).

She is the founder of Enlightening the Family Ministry (Luz a la Familia), where multitudes of families have been
restored through her refreshing and inspirational teaching. She is an anointed woman with a powerful message of
restoration and deliverance. One thing that separates her in her calling is her submission to the authority placed by
God on the life of her husband and pastor.

Her television programs continue to touch families across the globe. She is a role model for the Lord’s people. She
has traveled to many countries where her compassion brings God’s presence and lives are transformed by the
power of God. She is also the author of more than fifteen books aimed towards the family and Christian education
(Ex. Resolving Conflicts Between Relationships, Prayers of the Heart, The Woman In God’s Vision, and many more).

As a woman of vision she has always wanted to give excellence to the people of God, therefore she has made it a
priority to educate herself. She received a certificate in Christian Education from Beka Christian College, School of
Tomorrow, Moody Bible Institute, Evangelical Teachers Training Association, Association of Christian Counselors,
Wheaton College, and obtained a PhD in Ministry and Philosophy in Theology from Vision International University.

She has opened several Bible School of Ministry with her husband, and has helped found the C.A.R.I. Physical
Therapy Clinic in Honduras. She is a woman of faith and nothing intimidates her.

Their ministry had a great impact on the city of Chicago and at present they have moved to Arlington, Texas, pastor
of a new church. Although she continues to work side by side with her husband, her calling towards families
continues with more dedication, reaching the heart of the home. Her experience as a pastor’s daughter, pastor’s
wife, mother of four children, and now grandmother of fourteen grandchildren has allowed her to be more
effective in teaching families.