Bridge Of Honor

Bridge of Honor

“Each of you should learn to control his own body in a way that is holy and honorable.”

1 Thessalonians 4:4

Route 1 along the California coast is dotted with bridges that traverse deep canyons, towering some two thousand feet above sea level. The integrity of these bridges has enabled us to enjoy the spectacular scenery along the ocean for years. 

Steve Jensen is a middle-aged man with a wife and three kids. He’s one of those bridges of the kingdom, living in a world of enormous pressures and temptations. He wrote this concerning his role: 

On my bridge of honor rides the faith of my wife, to whom I have been called to be faithful. She dares to trust God for sustenance on the journey because her hands touch the strength of my honesty. Her doubts are lessened, her peace is found, her joy is made more complete as she lives for today on my bridge of honor. 

On my bridge of honor journeys the hopes of children seeking life’s way. They dare to dream beyond the cliffs because their feet feel the security of my integrity. Their fears are allayed, their yearnings are fanned, and their expectations are raised as they move from yesterday to tomorrow on my bridge of honor. 

On my bridge of honor travels the love of the brethren in Christ. They dare to follow Jesus because they see the pillars of my love sunk deep into the heart of Jesus. Their hearts are encouraged, their hands are made strong, and their passion is ignited as they see one of their own maintain his bridge of honor. 

My bridge of honor cannot bear the weight of sin’s traffic. Honor is ever at risk because it is a living, breathing structure of faith made incarnate. It is fragile, prone to warp and crack under the pressures of life. It is vulnerable, exposed to elements of a sea of emotions and desires beneath it. Only God can uphold this bridge of honor over the chasm of time that is mine.

How is your bridge of honor? Protect its fragile nature by faith in Christ. It will secure a lifetime of peace for those you love.

Build and hold my bridge, O Lord, till all those whom I love have passed and my span of time has ended.

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