Family Revival
family revival

Family Revival

We live in a fallen world of broken homes and throw-away marriages. Now...
Christ-Like Love
christ like love

Christ-Like Love

Perhaps our greatest human need is to be loved and to give love...
How to Have Joy
how to have joy

How to Have Joy

Do you know how to find joy? It seems many people spend their...
give him glory

Give Him Glory

The greatest commandment is to love God with all our hearts, souls, minds,...
your friendly enemy

Your Friendly Enemy

When we become Christians, the Lord fills our hearts with love; however, there...
christ jesus is the greatest source of abundant life

Our Great Savior

In the Old Testament, King Solomon was the apex of all greatness, wealth,...
the abundant life

The Abundant Life

In John 11, Jesus raises His friend, Lazarus, from the dead; this miracle...