A Victorious Peace

A Victorious Peace

“The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.”

—Romans 16:20
Loss is a part of life, woven into its very fabric. Futures are altered. Dreams are ripped apart. Families can grow distant. Friends can slip away. I’m grateful my losses are redeemed by God. In my despair I have reached out to him, and he has rescued me. As a result of yielding to Jesus at the time of my greatest loss, I’ve found great peace.

Sadly, some people turn from God in their loss. Satan offers them a false peace through self-pity. It makes me so angry. Not at these people but at the Devil! I want to jump out of my chair and scream at the havoc Satan wreaks. I’d like to grab the Adversary by the scruff of his neck and throttle him senseless for brutalizing hurting people.

If I were to dwell on it long enough, my frustration over the Devil’s dirty deeds would overwhelm me. But God has a hopeful word that sets my heart at peace: “The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.” Now, we all know that Christ will reign victoriously. But the victory involves me personally. Satan will be crushed under my feet.

At the risk of sounding vengeful, picture this: You and I will have the privilege of flattening Satan like a filthy cockroach under our feet. Or, in my case, under the wheels of my 250-pound wheelchair. God’s righteous wrath and our sanctified sense of justice will form the furious weight that crushes our Enemy.

No matter how great your losses may seem, a day is coming when victory will be yours. As you believe this promise, you will experience peace in the face of your anger and anxiety. Surrender to God’s future victory and find peace for your soul.

Victorious Savior, as I experience pain, confusion, anger, and worry over the losses in life, guide me to your peace by helping me remember Satan’s future crushing defeat.

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