A Promised Peace

A Promised Peace

“Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.”

John 14:1

Spring fulfills a promise given before winter that life will return. “Wait and you’ll see,” the tangled, bare branches seem to say in late autumn. “Life will return in full green.” The assurance that spring will come back helps us make it through the drearier days of winter.

The same promise of return is often spoken between loved ones. Every little girl has heard it from her mom at the nursery door. Every beloved has heard it from her husband at the airport. Every mother has heard it from her soldier son.

During such partings, promises of soon returns are spoken because the one leaving seeks peace for the one being left. “I’ll be back” must be said or no peace will be found.

The words are not enough, however. Only when the hearer truly believes does the promise become effectual. Assurance of a reunion has a calming influence. Such was the peace that calmed the disciples when Jesus left them. He told them that their hearts should not be troubled. That they should wait. That he would come back to get them. Just as he would come back for you and me.

His resurrection must have had a profound effect on the disciples’ ability to believe. After Jesus went up into the clouds, they recalled that he not only promised his resurrection but delivered on that promise. The immense peace that settled on them was evident as they obeyed his command to wait for the Holy Spirit and then to declare the gospel.

How does Jesus’ assurance that he will be back affect you? Which of his words could you concentrate on that would help you to believe? What signs of spring has God tucked into your winter?

Creator of all seasons, open my eyes to promises of new life slipped into even the dreariest of situations. Give me the ability to believe they are harbingers of the good things you have in store for me.

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